February 23

KHMS News February 23


8th Grade Parent Meeting (for Incoming Freshman)
Monday, March 11, at 6:00 pm in the KHHS PAC. The information will cover graduation requirements and scheduling, Freshman Orientation, Freshman Academy, Athletics, and Clubs. For questions, please contact the Kenowa Hills High School Student Services Office at (616) 784-3604.

Additional Info:

  • During the week of March 4 - KHHS Student Services will visit 8th-grade
    social studies classes to present an overview, answer questions, and hand
    out scheduling forms for students to take home.
  • During the week of March 19 - KHHS Student Services will visit 8thgrade
    social studies classes to assist students with 9th-grade course
    selection, requests, and questions.
  • STEM applications are due March 13

NHS Blood Drive 2024
It's that time of year again!🩸Get signed up to give at the largest blood drive in MI, held at Walker Ice and Fitness & hosted by the Kenowa Hills High School National Honor Society. Visit the links below to register:
Tues 3/5: https://donate.michigan.versit...
Weds 3/6: https://donate.michigan.versit...

The Student Council is holding an after-school dance on Friday, March 8 from 2:45 - 4:30 P.M. Admission will be $2 and tickets will be sold at
lunch the first week of March. Join King Kandy, Queen Frostine, and Lord
Licorice in the world of Candyland. The dance will also include much more than dancing! There will be concessions sold in the cafeteria, a Candyland game room, giant Jenga, limbo, bingo, a photo backdrop, and other fun games and activities. In order to be eligible to go to the dance, students must be passing at least 4 of their 6 classes with a 60% or better at the time they buy a ticket during the first week of March. In addition, they may not have any behavior referrals from February 1 - March 8. That includes lunch detentions, after-school Knight crews, in-school suspension or out-of-school suspension. We hope you will join us in Candyland!

Disney's Frozen Jr.
The KHHS Fine Arts Department will present Disney’s Frozen Jr. on March 21-23 at 7:00 pm with a special Family Matinee on March 23 at 2:00 pm. Tickets will be $12 for all performances with one exception. There will be a special Family Matinee performance on March 23 at 2:00 pm. Children, young and old, are welcome at all 4 performances. However, tickets for children ages 3 to 12 may be purchased for the special price of $8.00 for the Family Matinee performance only. Children under 3 who will be sitting on an adult’s lap are free and do not require tickets (limit one per adult) for the Family Matinee only. Purchase tickets at

Healthy Notes From HealthBar!
This month’s nursing education is all about physical activity. Physical activity is
extremely important for our current, future, and mental health, yet only 28% of adults and 24% of children receive the recommended amount of exercise in America. While it is recommended that kids participate in 60 minutes of physical activity each day, adults only need around 30 minutes of moderate-intensity activity. Finding the time in your busy schedule to exercise will make a huge impact. Regular physical activity has been shown to immediately improve sleep quality, reduce anxiety and blood pressure, and increase energy and mood. Long-term benefits include reducing the risk of developing dementia, depression, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, 8 different common cancers, and obesity. Here are some tips to increase your amount of daily physical activity and start reaping the benefits of exercise today.

  • Take a daily walk. Walk your dog, take a family walk after dinner, or walk on your lunch break. The extra steps add up! Aim for 10,000 steps a day.
  • Check out YouTube. There are tons of free workout videos online. From pilates, HITT, to yoga, you can find great videos with varying time commitments. Many of them even include a daily schedule to follow along.
  • Make a list. List the activities you enjoy and find a way to add them into your daily routine. You can also make a list of what you hope to gain from increased physical activity to keep you motivated.
  • Involve family and friends. They can help keep you motivated and accountable. Physical activity with others can be more enjoyable.
  • Try it for 3 months. It takes three months to make new routines a habit. You will likely see huge rewards by the end of 3 months and it will be easier to continue your new routine.

FinalForms: We are asking ALL parents of athletes to use FinalForms starting this upcoming 2023-2024 athletic season. Participation fees can be paid online with FinalForms, Efunds, cash or check sent to the athletic offices prior to the start of each sports season. Please register at FinalForms and follow the prompts to create your account, create your students, and sign all your forms prior to the start of the participating sport. Get Started with the Parent Playbook

IMPORTANT! For the 2023-24 school year, a sports physical will need to be on file for your student to participate in school sports!! The physical must have a date of April 15, 2023 or after.


Our start time is 7:45am! We need your help getting students here on time! Any students arriving 10 minutes after class starts without an excused call/absence will be marked unexcused for the class (not a tardy). Please call the absence line 616-785-3225 or email, Please call ahead if your student/s need to leave early. We need to limit interruptions into the classroom. Please call in the morning and leave a message if needed, so a pass can be written. Students may not leave class without permission from the office.

Updated Attendance Policy for 2023-2024: All absences count toward attendance numbers, the only exception will be hospital stays. These are some changes we want to highlight:

  1. Vacations during the school day will count toward a student's total absences.
  2. Once students exceed 10% of their absences, they will be flagged by the Kent Intermediate School District.
  3. Students attend approximately 180 days of school each year (10% is approximately 18 days per year. We will begin checking this mark the first week of October.
  4. An example would be on day 30 of the school year, anyone over 3 days will become flagged in the system. Parents will then be notified by the KISD, and a meeting will be held to put an attendance plan in place for the student.

Athletics Participation & Attendance: Athletes must be in school for the entire day in order to be eligible to compete in a scheduled practice or athletic event. In extreme situations, arrangements must be made with the Athletic Director and/or the Building Principal to acquire an excused absence. Scheduled appointments and funerals are an acceptable reason to be pre-excused. A medical/scheduled appointment note must be given to the athletic office if the appointment is during the scheduled school day.

Free and Reduced Program:
Please follow the link below to complete the Education Benefit Form online KHPS Education Benefit Form Although meals will be available at no cost this year, we encourage all families to complete the Education Benefit Form. Families that complete the form and qualify for free or reduced school meals may receive additional benefits including: Waived participation costs for athletics (excluding club sports), reduced fees for high school assessments like AP exams, waived student device (Chromebook) insurance and home internet costs through local providers*Additionally, the number of qualified families increases district funding for student support programs. It is important for all families to apply, whether it seems qualification is likely or not.

Drop-off/Pick-up Info


Nothing is more precious than your children. Find out how we work to ensure students feel safe, valued, and that they belong.

Safety and Security Commitment to Anti-Bullying Creating Inclusive Environments Safety Drills

Life is busy. At Kenowa Hills, we partner with families to make life easier.


Our Personal Mastery educational experience has redefined education and has gained attention around the state and nation. Personal Mastery provides your child with personalized attention from teachers. Instead of teaching to a broad group of students without an understanding of their individual strengths and weaknesses, Personal Mastery allows teachers to interact with students individually or in small groups to help them better address their weaknesses. In this way, we strive to help your child reach their full potential.


At the home of the Knights, athletic programs are a vital part of building character, drive, commitment, and teamwork for our student athletes.


The arts build pride and community at Kenowa Hills. From our Marching Knights to musical performances at our Performing Arts Center, we believe the student experience really is a work of art.

Join us in our effort to STRIVE FOR LESS THAN FIVE
Absences Every School Year